Sihong Wang

Assistant professor of molecular engineering
Sihong Wang

Research and Scholarly Interests

Soft electronic materials and devices, bioelectronics, organic electronics, functional polymers, energy harvesting, nanotechnology

Lab Group

What drew you to PME?

When I was choosing what school to join as a faculty member, I was attracted to the interdisciplinary academic setting of PME, which resonates strongly with the type of research I conduct. After I started my group in PME, my research benefited significantly from these cross-discipline partnerships and the mixed student body at PME. I am also enthusiastic about the strong collaborative atmosphere and the future-focused research directions at the school.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your time at PME?

Thinking about the two and a half years I’ve been at PME, I am most proud of the expansion of my research in soft electronics interfacing with biological sciences, medical research, computing, and soft robotics. I’ve also formed a number of exciting collaborations with other divisions at UChicago.

Where do you see PME in 10 years?

PME will be a leading and unique engineering school that plays a pioneering role in all of its major research directions. I hope and believe that after another 10 years, PME will have a higher impact and more visibility in both academia and industry.

What breakthroughs do you anticipate will happen in your field in 10 years?

I anticipate we will shift from material-system-driven research more to the function/application-driven material research, develop new properties that can blur the boundary between synthetic materials and living biological systems, produce multi-functional materials, and see AI-assisted material discoveries.

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