Jun Huang

Assistant professor of molecular engineering
Jun Huang

Research and Scholarly Interests

Immunology, high throughput systems biology methods, single-molecule/single-cell imaging technique

Lab Group

What drew you to PME?

I knew that if I came to PME, I would become to the first assistant professor of a new, unique school. If I went to other institutions, I would become one of many assistant professors in a traditional department. The answer was obvious to me.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your time at PME?

The moments of my laboratory members’ successes. Starting, developing, and maintaining a laboratory is not easy, but even harder is to create a family-like laboratory environment to promote the success of every member. Witnessing the continuous successes of my lab members are always my most proud and happy moments. It is my inspiration to be a professor and I can always expect more. 

Where do you see PME in 10 years?

I see it as the flagship of next-generation engineering schools.

What breakthroughs do you anticipate will happen in your field in 10 years?

I anticipate new forms of vaccines for preventing infectious diseases and novel immunotherapies for treating cancer and autoimmunity.

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